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Drew Palermo

23 years old. I originally was diagnosed with Crohns disease more than 10 years ago, but now am mostly symptom free and take on a much healthier diet. I want to start vlogging soon, get myself a nice Panasonic or Canon camera and do some organic food vlogs, film my Corgi, and just act silly.

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    Hey Drew

    I found your site on Healingwell.com and after reading through your blueprint i find it very interesting. I’ve had crohns for 7 years now always been controlled by pentasa but recently had a major flare was put on prednisone, 8 months later another flare. Doctor wants to get me on imuran or 6mp. I’m very hesitate of these meds.

    Would love to have a chat with you more about your diets and how crohns effected you.


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      Drew Palermo

      Hey Steve,

      Sorry I got back to you late. I haven’t logged into my blog here in a while. Anyways, thanks for checking out my site and even leaving a comment! We could chat through email for the time being- dogtrainingbasics189 @ gmail.com.

      Hope you’re feeling better than before,


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