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Drew Palermo

23 years old. I originally was diagnosed with Crohns disease more than 10 years ago, but now am mostly symptom free and take on a much healthier diet. I want to start vlogging soon, get myself a nice Panasonic or Canon camera and do some organic food vlogs, film my Corgi, and just act silly.

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    Interested to hear how the fistula healed. Struggling with an abscess

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      Drew Palermo

      Hi Amisha, sorry for the late reply. Hope you’re coping well with the abscess (if in fact you do still have it). I just wrote another post that should help you some: http://healingcrohnsdisease.com/blueprint-healing-crohns-disease/ Please let me know how you’re doing and we can keep in touch here or on Facebook or Skype.



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